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Hi, my name is Dinu, and welcome to our website. Washington k9 is a family hobby and specializes in German shepherd breeding of only the highest quality German shepherd for sales at a reasonable price so that anyone can afford them easily. The dogs we breed are of top champion German shepherd’s bloodline. That means your getting only the top and high-quality breed that we have tooffer. As, German shepherd breeders, our dogs are extremely intelligent, resilient, courageous, beautiful, and protective of their families. I guarantee you that you will get a high caliber German shepherd puppies with superior temperament, fabulous looks, and excellent performance to do any task. Contact us below to know more and clear your doubt on any kind of topic. And check out videos of our dog in puppies tab or check it out on our YouTube channel.


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From the beginning, Dinu’s goals have been simple:  to produce top-caliber German Shepherd puppies with superior temperament, world class looks, and excellent work ability.  All Roche puppies descend from the best bloodlines in the world today, and each puppy sold has a proven pedigree of excellence.

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Trusted family protection

Our protection dogs are trained and spend their lives in a large open field. They meet people in all types of environments. This gives you the benefit of enjoying the strength of a dog that understands its role in the family. You keep your family safe and enjoy peace of mind with the best experience and selection at Washingtonk9. 

Award winning dogs

We have award winning dogs have top quality breeds. Our world-class German Shepherds are meticulously selected from the top pedigrees ensuring the best possible temperament and physical condition.

High Standards

Our dogs come from a long line of unique animals that have demonstrated complete mastery of tracking, obedience and protection work. These magnificent creatures possess superior intelligence, working ability and physical prowess. They are courageous and demonstrate an unwavering commitment to their masters’ safety. Finally, our dogs are poised, self confident, and good-natured.

Perfect Fit

Washington k9  engages in a comprehensive screening process to make sure the dog you purchase is the perfect fit for your lifestyle and needs. Through this process, we thoroughly answer all of your questions and help you find a wonderful guardian and companion. We believe this process produces the right results every time.


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