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Vica Von Wendeline

VICAis a gorgeous Dark Sable german shepherd import female. She is beautiful, athletic, and has perfect ear set. She is extremely fast, athletic, and quick. She is extremely focused on her handler’s commands with the energy and extreme intelligence to quickly learn obedience and family protection. She has a strong protective instinct and the ability to quickly transition from calm and affectionate behavior with her family to high drive, as needed. She has a full bite, and her obedience is intense. She is very special to our family!

   Vica is a strong female, with a VERY STRONG PEDIGREE! She is a granddaughter of the famous Word Champion “Ängsbacken’s Rosso.”   -Word Champion in 2007 and -2nd-Word Champion in 2006

 Ängsbacken’s Rosso – Videos

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